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2013 Most Valuable Panners


David Fletcher

Cody Moffett


THRU 2014: TOTAL GAMES (3,017); WINS (1,978); LOSSES (1,039)

All-Time Leading Champions
55 Seasons of Championship Baseball

The Alaska Goldpanners have been more successful in tournament baseball play than any other amateur team in history.  In addition to reigning as the only independent team of any sport to win a world championship (1966 against Japan), the Panners have won six NBC World Series titles, a feat unequaled by any other club.  In addition to the NBC tournament, the Goldpanners have captured numerous other state, national to go along with their international championship.  Success in the Alaska League (created by GM Don Dennis) is underscored by two seven-year league championship stretches (1962-1968 & 1978-1984).  The decade of the 90s saw the Goldpanners win five league championships.  In 2013, the Alaska Goldpanners won three championships: the ABL regular season title, the ABL "Top of the World" Series title, and that of the Baron Bash Invitational Tournament in San Diego.

Amazing Panner to Major LeaguesMark Reaches 201!
Ryan Robowski (98) & Jake Dunning (08)

 No less than 200 former Goldpanners have ascended to the major leagues coming off 39 of the teams - averaging a healthy number of players per team who reached the pinnacle of the sport.  The record of sending Goldpanners to the major leagues is not even remotely challenged by any other single summer amateur team.   The latest to reach the majors from the Goldpanners is Ryan Robowski of the Detroit Tigers.  Though he saw limited action, he is poised to return in 2014.  So too is Jake Dunning expected to return to the mound for the San Francisco Giants.  goldpanners to mlb



W.G. & Eddie Stroecker Midnight Sun Game

Showing How Fans Are in Evidence in Central
Alaska on the Longest Day of the Year

Baseball Popular in the Far North
Games Called at Midnight Where the Spell of the Yukon Reigns

Baseball has always been the great game in Alaska.  When the Klondike was booming there were four semi-professional clubs in that city, and twice each week every one with any life or ambition was present.  Stores were closed up, and thousands of dollars changed hands on each game.

In the North baseball games are called at 8 o'clock in the evening, and on June 21st games are called at midnight, it being as light then as it is in Seattle at 7 o'clock.  In all the wide world there are more real, genuine fans to the population in Alaska than elsewhere. 

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  Organizational History

H.A. Red Boucher
H.A. 'Red' Boucher


Boucher, Dennis Span Panners' History H.A. 'Red' Boucher founded the Goldpanners in 1960 under the sponsorship of his local sporting goods store. The team, then known as the Pan Alaska Goldpanners, joined the North of the Range League and used primarily local players but did have five young recruits from the University of Arizona.

Boucher, with a great assist from his wife Heida, virtually ran the club single-handedly from its inception through the first three seasons. But a big change came at the end of the '62 campaign when the Panners went to the National  Baseball Congress Tournament and astounded all by staying in the competition. The need for funds to maintain the stay, an eventual second place finish, led to the community involvement which was to spawn today's organization.

After founding the team, Boucher managed the club through 1969, but after the 1967 season he turned over all duties associated with the team to current general manager Don Dennis. Dennis, summoned by Boucher from a newspaper post in Pueblo, CO, has been the organization's administrative leader since November of that year.    more...


The Chena River Area was first inhabited by Anglo-Americans at the beginning of the 20th Century.  The history of baseball in Fairbanks dates back to these early days of the town's founding.

In its very first year of existence as a temporary trading post, Fairbanks became a gold rush camp when the mineral was discovered by Felix Pedro.  After the gold rush settled down, the Defense Department invested millions into the area during WWII.  After the war, the discovery of oil in the North Slope brought a housing and building boom for Fairbanks.

The original trading camp has become a city teeming with activity.  Throughout the century, a main source of entertainment for the inhabitants was baseball.  Military and civilian teams were formed, and the Midnight Sun Game tradition was celebrated during the entire century and beyond. The Alaska Goldpanners evolved out of the intense competition being fielded in the Midnight Sun Baseball League.  Immediately, the new club gained dominance in the local scene, and then very shortly thereafter the nation, becoming the national non-professional team in the early 1960s.  Six NBC championships later, the Goldpanners have cemented the Fairbanks team as the most successful non-professional club in baseball history.

 No other amateur team comes close to the nearly 200 players sent to the major leagues.  Among these are three Hall of Famers, Barry Bonds, Dave Winfield, and Tom Seaver -- who holds the record for highest vote percentage in MLB Hall of Fame balloting history.


Tom Seaver - 60's All StarsDave Winfield - '71-'72

Recollections of an Original Gold Panner

Growden Memorial Park, Fairbanks AK "this diamond is not only the geographic pinnacle of baseball, it's the spiritual pinnacle as well." Jim Caple, ESPN

Located near intersection of Wilbur and Airport Rd.  | Stadium lights visible from McDonald's on Airport


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