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Alaska Goldpanners

GamesWL % MGR
43 23 20 .534 Gloyd


2007 Alaska Goldpanners
102nd Midnight Sun Baseball Classic

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2007 PannerBlog

2007 ABL 3rd Place


6-1 LOSS to Oceanside (CA) Waves


7/20/7: Panners go extra for another win The loss also dropped the Miners to 18-8 overall and 16-8 in the ABL, a full game behind the first-place Athletes in Action Fire, whom the Miners face at 7 tonight at Growden.
7/19/7: Panners knock Miners out of first place “I was just able to establish my fastball tonight and make them hit my pitches,” said Harmon, who saw his ERA drop to 2.84, second only to Ryan Platt among Alaska starters. “I was able to let my defense work for me.”
7/3/7: Panner bats bark in win
6/30/7: Panners bounce back to knock off Bucs
6/28/7: Bullpen woes continue for Panners "Shortstop Chris Tremblay scored both of the Panners runs against the Bucs after going 1-for-3 with a walk. Paul Martin was the only Panner with two hits as seven different players collected hits against Lee."
6/27/7: Mat-Su Miners rally to beat goldpanners
6/25/7: Fire Rally Upends Panners "Schwarzenbach has two saves on the year and hadn’t given up a run until Sunday’s game. “He’s been real good for us,” Sean Bard said. “They hit some tough pitches.”
6/24/7: Yahoo Sports : Bats at midnight "If you played at a college in California, you wanted to play in Alaska," said Tim Gloyd, the Goldpanners' shortstop in 1978 and its first-year coach this year. "And you wanted to play for Fairbanks. Because they're the ones who win."  "It means more now than ever," Bill Stroecker said. A smile curled across his face. He adjusted his tie. He sat up a little straighter. "We've always known it was something. Now the world knows."
6/21/7: Touching the Game: Alaska Jim Carroll set to Return to Fairbanks in 2007!  “Last summer, we shot about 70 hours of great Alaska Baseball League action, plus numerous historical interviews with the people who have been part of the ABL for years. Guys like Red Boucher, Don Dennis, and Lefty Van Brunt, the stories have been tremendous”, said Jim Carroll, the film’s co-producer.  The crew also plans to interview some of the many former ABL players who have made it to the Major Leagues, and in some cases, the Hall of Fame. “Guys like Seaver, Winfield, McGwire, Johnson, they all have stories to tell about their summers in Alaska, we plan to interview as many as we can.” said Carroll."

Field Manager Tim Gloyd, and coaches Clarence Griego, Shawn Epidendio, Matt Vogel


6/21/7: Panners suffer their first setback “We lost that game in the first five innings. We were not ready to play; we were very lackadaisical,” Panners manager Tim Gloyd said. “We made three or four errors and even (starter Michael) Guerrero didn’t seem (sharp). They were just out there. Maybe they were thinking about tomorrow.”
6/11/7: ABL : Pilots open season with loss | College players begin migrating to Palmer diamond
6/5/7: Linda Douglass: Replacing ping! with crack! for Alaskan summer "Basch, a former Goldpanner who stayed in Alaska, said he enjoys the travel.  “I think it’s great that the kids get to see different parts of Alaska and stay in some unique places. In Fairbanks, the (visiting) team stays in a trailer park inside the stadium  and in Kenai the visiting teams stay in the local bingo hall,” he said. “Also, I enjoy seeing players’ first impressions of Alaska when they arrive for the first time, because it reminds me of what a unique place it is that we live.”
5/10/7: Is the Cape Just a “Show” League? "Alaska Goldpanners GM Don Dennis thinks so." // Capeman - "I do happen to think that the kids on the Cape lack some competitiveness " // Andrew - "I’m not sure if the rivalry really translates well to the CCBL" // Dave - "The “competitiveness” issue has been something that I have wondered about for awhile.. there is a feeling that once the all star game is over, many scouts leave the Cape, and after that happens some players “desire” seems to wane."
5/10/7: Mitch Canham Interview "One thing I was interested in was whether all the scouts and attention from professional clubs affected the play. I had read in an article at Codball.com that some considered it a show league, and figured I’d get the thoughts of a participant (Canham). He acknowledged there is probably some self-promotion.. // "When I went to Alaska (another summer league) I hit horrible up there, but I improved so much on my catching because that’s what I was there to do was develop my catching so that when I came back to Oregon State I’d be a solid catcher for my team. I knew the hitting would come; I’m very confident in my hitting abilities. Just making sure I had a strong base in my catching was really important to me. Now I’m at the point where I’m comfortable doing both. "
5/8/7: Gloyd to manage Goldpanners (DN-M)

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