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Alaska Goldpanners

Top row, from left: Gus Knickrehm, Beau Mills, Matt Stevens, Chris Schwinden, Chris Kissock, Tyler Cheney, Jake Hower, Brad Schwarzenbach, Richard Knutz ; Middle row, from left: Elliot Strankman, Joe Persichina, Geoff Byrns, Brian Bird, Jessie Mier, Kevin Hernandez, Chu Yuan Chin, Will Morgan ; Bottom row, from left: Mai Chia-Yi, Jovanny Bramasco, Chris Fox, Mark Thompson, Wu Cheng-Hsien, Mike Lissman, Shao-Bai Lan

43 21 22 .489Cheff

2006 PannerBlog

2006 Alaska Goldpanners
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100th Anniversary Midnight Sun Game

2006: PannerBlog Schedule StatisticsPersonnel Roster - Ed Cheff, Elliott Strankman, Gus Knickrehm | Dixon Allen, Brian Bird, Jovanny Bramasco, Geoff Byrns, Tyler Cheney, Chu Yuan-Chin, Joey Dunn, Chris Kissock, Lan Shao-Bai, Mike Lissman, Mai Chia-Yi, Jordan Mayer, Jessie Mier, Beau Mills, Will Morgan, Joe Persichina, Matt Rasmussen, Brad Schwarzenbach, Matt Stevens, Mark Thompson, Wu Cheng-Hsien | 2006 Team Baseball Card Set | All-Time RosterAll-Time Lineups


The 2006 Goldpanners, always battling hard on the field regardless of the situation, provided many exciting ballgames. And though often seeming to come up just short in the final tally, they were always in the running until the very end. Such was the case in twelve losses by two runs or less, and so it was in the ABL race overall. After the last out was recorded, the team finished in fourth place, with a 16-19 league record.

An unfortunate string of key injuries was responsible for much of the lost potential, taking the best of the team’s hitters out of action. As a result, the Goldpanners were chronically understaffed at the key positions in the field, and at the key spots in the lineup with runners on base.

Despite the record, however, there were many high points in 2006. Veteran Panners Mark Thompson and Sean Timmons both set all-time team records - Mark with 26 times hit by pitch in one season, and Sean with 273 strikeouts over an entire career, passing Brent Strom.

Another high point was the club’s signing of four native Taiwanese ballplayers - Lan Shao-Bai, Mai Chia-Yi, Wu Cheng-Hsien, and the batsman Chu Yuan-Chin, who collected the game-winning RBI in the 100th Anniversary Midnight Sun Game.

Naturally, the biggest positive to emerge out of the 2006 season is Beau Mills.. who simply has taken the game of baseball to a whole new level. Though slowed in his Panner career due to injury, his game brought glimpses of a bygone era when ballplayers were more than mere mortals. Having followed Coach Cheff to Lewis-Clark State, Beau socked 38 home runs to become the all-time NAIA home run champion, hitting three dingers in the national championship game alone. (see page 31) Regarded as the best college bat taken in the MLB draft, Beau doesn’t seem at all out of place with the likes of those athletes who went straight to the major leagues following their Fairbanks careers.

In retrospect, it appears that perhaps the biggest story of 2006 was Ed Cheff coaching in his final season at the head of a Goldpanners team. In addition to having won four championships in his five years at Fairbanks, Ed’s mastery of all aspects of the game, and his committment to the athletes’ lives on and off the field, personified the organization’s committment to offering its players second-to-none coaching support from which to draw. There really is no way to overstate the importance of Coach Ed Cheff when it comes to the positive impact he has on his ballteams’ national and international reputations."


2006 Goldpanners
Field Manager
Ed Cheff
1B Matt Stevens
2B Joe Persichina
3B Jovanny Bramasco
SS Mark Thompson
OF Mike Lissman
OF Chu Yuan-Chin
OF Chris Fox
C Jessie Mier
DH Beau Mills 
SP Sean Timmons
SP Kevin Hernandez
SP Chris Kissock
SP Tyler Cheney 
RP Jake Hower 
RP Will Morgan 
Team Batting Average         
Team Earned Run Average  

2006 ABL

Peninsula Oilers 23 12 .657 31-15
Anchorage Bucs 20 14 .588 26-19
Mat-Su Miners 20 15 .571 25-16
Anchorage Pilots 15 19 .441 24-14
Goldpanners 15 19 .441 20-22
Athletes in Action 10 24 .294 12-26


SEAN TIMMONS (94-8-9-00-1-2-3-4-5-6)

2-1 Win vs. Beatrice (NEB) Bruins






SEAN TIMMONS (94-8-9-00-1-2-3-4-5-6)


Ed Cheff
Field Manager

Elliott Strankman
Assistant Coach

Gus Knickrehm
Pitching Coach

Mai  Chia-Yi

Lan Shao-Bai

Lan Shao-Bai

Wu Cheng-Hsien

Joe Persichina

Beau Mills

Matt Stevens

Will Morgan

Chris Schwinden

Brad Schwarzenbach

Chu Yuan-Chin

Brian Bird

Brian Bird

Jesse Mier

Tyler Cheney




Pictures by Sheena Cummings

Pictures by E. Chilton Hines

Winner Chris Kissock






Seaver, Boone, Lee

Personnel Directory


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