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Alaska Goldpanners



2003 Team: 44th Season  • 98th MSG | Ed Cheff Elliott Strankman // Kyle Allen  • Kyle Aselton Brett AndradeTyler Best Nick Blasi Derek Bruce Jeff Culpepper Brad E. Davis Brad Davis Will Fenton Emerson Frostad James Guerrero Drew JensonClay Johnson Aaron Mathews Jon McCaslin Jake McLintock Tim Montgomery • Jose Rodriguez • Sean Timmons Nick WalshKevin Welch Chris Zachgo | 2003 Card Set | All-Time RosterAll-Time Lineups

"The 2003 Goldpanners rode strong pitching and a knack for delivering wins -- no matter how unlikely -- to a 38-17 season record. The team delivered a second consecutive Alaska Baseball League championship en route to a strong showing at the National Baseball Congress World Series, at times which seemed like a lock for the Fairbanks club. However, the team fell a few comebacks short of delivering to Fairbanks back-to-back national championship titles.

After winning a fundamentally sound game against the North County, CA, Waves 9-0, the Goldpanners showed flashes of championship lustre by defeating the eventual world champion Chinese-Taipei Olympic Team 4-3 in nine heart-stopping innings.

The possibility of a repeat title never looked better after that championship-calibre ballgame. However, the role of destiny’s child seen last year fell short, and the Panners tasted defeat in 2003.

Trailing by two runs in the bottom of the 11th inning after the Lake Havasu (AZ) Heat scored two in the top, Aaron Mathews clouted a two-run blast over the left-field foul pole, tying the game and sending it to the 12th. With neither team able to score through the 14th, the Heat eventually pushed across an unanswered run in the 15th, knocking the Panners out of the ranks of the undefeated, and into the loser’s bracket with a 6-5 win.

Unable to regroup for the next game, and in losing 3-1 to the eventual runner-up Santa Barbara Forresters (2000 Midnight Sun Game opponents), the Panners were sent home with a 9th place finish.

The 2003 Goldpanners did not win the national tournament in Wichita, KS. They could have, maybe they even should have. But the team, while talented, was missing one extremely important ingredient. Inspiration.

The ‘03 club had top-notch coaching, quality pitching, fine defense and above-average offense. But no one stepped forward with the unabashed enthusiasm to win. This is often done with performance on the field, but better yet when performance is accompanied by a “cheerleeding” component.

The 2002 national championship team had Marc Kaiser, p-of-dh out of the University of Arizona. He filled the role of star performer and positive motivator to a ‘T’. His enthusiastically repeated cheer was “It’s good to be a Goldpanner!”

The Panners’ nine other national championship teams all had a similar person.

The 1966 World Amateur Tournament winners had lefty pitcher Tom House of the University of Southern California.
The 1972 NBC champs had of-p Dave Winfield of the University of Minnesota.
The 1973 NBC winners has third baseman Gene Delyon of Santa Clara University.
The 1974 NBC victors had a duo -- Tommy Sain, centerfielder/second baseman from Arizona State along with Steve Kemp, outfielder from the University of Southern Cal.

The 1976 NBC champions were led by Greg Harris of Long Beach City College.

The 1980 NBC champs had the muscle and leadership of Stan Holmes, Arizona State Outfielder.

The 1988 U.S. Open winners had catcher Miah Bradbury of Loyola Marymount fill the role. His sage baseball wisdom included motivational phrases such as “two runs down, right where we want to be.”

The 1990 U.S. Open champs followed the lead of catcher Todd Winston of Michigan.

And, the 1991 National Shootout champions had a trio of such leaders -- first baseman Todd Pridy of Long Beach, outfielder Bill Dunckel of San Diego State, and pitcher/outfielder Brett Backlund of the University of Iowa.

This is not to say that the above were the only stars to fit into this category, just the most obvious to the casual observer."  (2004 Yearbook)


Most Valuable Players

In 2003, Fairbanksan Sean Timmons repeated as the Alaska Goldpanners Pitching MVP.  As prestigious as it is to win just one award, only a select few athletes have ever repeated.  No Goldpanners pitcher has ever been more prodigious.  He is the first pitcher to ever amass more than 300 innings!  After having sealed up many of the Goldpanners' pitching records in his seventh season, Sean is looking to set the all-time seasons record for the Goldpanners in 2004.  He will be passing George "Muggs" Mies (1960-61-62-63-64-65-66), with whom he is currently tied at seven.

By far, the most valuable position player in 2003 was Jeff Culpepper of Gonzaga.  Jeff's 2003 performance vaulted him to the rarified Panner Pantheon, showing his other-worldly desire and skills.   As displayed on the night of July 23, 2003, Jeff's refusal to lose or make an out willed his team to preposterous wins.   On that evening, he produced a 7-for-7 performance, cementing his name in Goldpanners lore.  His position with the baseball gods has been revealed before, such as when he collected the first hit in Seattle's SAFECO field history.

The symbolic 2002-2003 season MVPs belongs to Field Manager Ed Cheff.   The mental approach he teaches to his student/athletes not only prepares them for the future, but brings immediate results for the season at hand.  The Goldpanners are honored to have this Hall of Fame coach at the helm on the field.

The Alaska Goldpanners' 2003 season Most Valuable Players joined a very select group of players in what amounts to the Fairbanks organization's Hall of Fame.   Past winners include some of the greatest names in the history of the sport (Nettles, Boone, Winfield), and some of the golden names in today's current field of top prospects (Heilman, Bush, Gassner).


2003 Goldpanners (37-19)
Field Manager
Ed Cheff
1BJeff Culpepper.328
2BJames Guerrero.224
3BEmerson Frostad.282
SSDerek Bruce.260
OFNick Blasi.309
OFAaron Mathews.201
OFJake McLintock.286
CBrad E. Davis.285
UTTyler Best.304
SPSean Timmons (6-2-0)1.44
SPKyle Allen2.66
SPKevin Welch1.67
SPClay Johnson1.30
RPJon McCaslin0.77
RPWill Fenton0.00
Team Batting Average             .265
Team Earned Run Average    2.10

181 Aaron Heilman (98) 6/26/03
Bobby Crosby (99) 9/2/03


Timmons & Culpepper 2003 Most Valuable Players | Baseball Card Set


Jeff Culpepper

Sean Timmons


ALL-ABL GOLDPANNERS : RHP Sean Timmons, C Tyler Best, 1B Jeff Culpepper, OF Nick Blasi and CLOSER Jon McCaslin, P Ricky Fairchild - Ed Cheff Coach of the Year

3-2 Win vs. Santa Barbara Foresters


Alaska Goldpanners2213 --
Athletes in Action19152
Glacier Pilots18174
Peninsula Oilers17185
Mat-Su Miners16196
Anchorage Bucs12229

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